Do you remember the day you managed to earn so much commission, you could actually start your own business? You stated your purpose and the absolute support from suppliers, friends, and family members turned out unexpectedly positive! Being in the business industry is good for you, as are able to train various salesmen to sell word-for-word, like you. With a clear marketing strategy, it is not impossible for you to finally witness your business boom.

But there is a catch! Yes, you pay the best in the industry, but you wonder why some people still leave? Worst case scenario is that old and underperformed staff trying their very best to remain in the company and there is nothing you could do about it. 

Eric, being a top salesman in his company for years, saw potential in his market and believed that the company’s product could generate a high fortune for him and his friends. Therefore, he initiated sourcing and eventually started up his own company with friends. With the support from his existing customers and the trust from suppliers, Eric’s business exploded to the point where he had insufficient time to handle it and the profit was excellent. Over the years, he even achieved creating his own line of products. As his business was good, Eric could afford luxury cars and landed houses, and even invested in condominiums and shophouses.

One fine day, Eric’s friend, a business partner who took care of the company’s operations, went into major dispute with him that both parties could not see eye-to-eye, where they finally decided to go separate ways. Eric's company market shares were broken to half and he had to rebuild his team. He was no longer able to hire a salesman that was as good as his partner, which in result, he had to execute all the work by himself. He was also concerned of possibilities that his new staff would steal his customers and become his rival in the future.

Despite Eric being good with customers and his authorised dealership, Eric could not manage and trust his own employees regardless in the departments of finance, human resources, or sales. Sales staff would normally work less than a year and he would have the difficulties to re-hire and retrain new staff. In addition to this hurdle, after his friend left him, his finance department was taken care by a new inexperienced staff, who did not know which reports to request for nor what do the figures imply – all he knew were only cash collection and sales. His company’s account was in a major mess, he was having troubles trying to achieve tax savings, and he had to bring in a CFO to sort things out.

successful people
So, what are the key PEOPLE you need for your business to bring it to the next level?

 Persistent in learning: You and your people must have the ability to learn new things and take feedback positively from one another, as well as from others.

Excellent attitude: Having the right skill but lacking the will to use them is not going to solve business challenges and achieve success.

Organisational value: Important for your people to uphold your organisation’s standard of behaviours, and what are acceptable business practices. From a customer’s viewpoint, good values are the kind of service they can expect to get when they deal with your business.

Perform when asked: You feel irritated when you ask someone to do the job but the person does not want to. People who can perform will never hurt productivity and morale, because you will interfere less with their duties.

Leader material: Everyone is a leader, because leadership is an action, not a position, it is about the action of influencing. Influence is the power to change, or the power to affect someone or something.
Exceed expectation: You and your people's expectations to your customers are strong and believe something good will happen if you go the extra mile and put quality as your priority, with speed being second.

If you can have successful people in your business, wouldn’t that be great? If you are unable to achieve that, then you should create your own people to be successful. What makes people successful in your business? Creating profit and capturing more market shares, and most importantly, to take care of your business when you are not around – freeing up your time and causing lesser headaches for you. Sounds good, right?

successful people
Your business level dictates the people's mindset, therefore it is a good idea to share the value and belief systems. In this way, you could understand yourself and your people better, and what motivates them to determine what needs to be done.

Level 1 Business stage = Seed; People stage = Physiological survival (Me)
It is all about “me” at this stage, a life just as much as other animals, but better. You could use deep brain programs and senses. Be distinct to yourself, determine what is most important to you now? Be awakened as a minimalist, and be more less impactful to the business environment

Good idea: “...because I know what I need and my focus is survival”

Level 2 Business stage = Startup; People stage = Clan’s Well-being & Safety (We)
It is about “we” as a bond together to endure and guard against business threats. Your clan obeys the mystical spirit being and shows allegiance to elders and customs.

Good idea: “...because OUR honored chieftain says it is so”

Level 3 Business stage = Growth; People stage = Raw Dominance & Control (Me)
Everyone will fight to survive in spite of others. Feel no guilt about market competition and be shameless to fight for what is right, even fight to gain control at any cost.

Good idea “...because it suits ME right here, right now”

Level 4 Business stage = Establish; People stage = Meaning & Purpose (We)
What is bigger than me, is a guide of singular force bigger than you. Sacrifice oneself for the purpose of business reality, a principle of rightful contribution. This stage brings order, stability, and future rewards.

Good idea “...because it conforms to the rule of Law”

Level 5 Business stage = Expansion; People stage = Autonomy & Achievements (Me)
Full of opportunities for you to take control of, and usage of technology could enhance business. If nothing is broken, then break it and make it even better. Progress your people through the best solutions, play to win, and enjoy the competition.

Good idea “...because it serves MY plans and objectives”

Level 6 Business stage = Decline; People stage = Equality & Community (We)
It is about us, to promote a sense of community and unity, and share society resources among the industries. It is a natural habitat of all humanity, who refresh spiritually and bring harmony.

Good idea “...because WE have reached consensus on it”

Level 7 Business stage = Exit; People stage = Knowledge of Natural Flows (Me)
This stage swings back into a “doing” thing, the action again. Place your focus on functionality and competencies. Your self-interest is important but it will be done without causing any harm to others.

Good idea “...because it is the most functional approach”

Level 8 Business stage = Mature; People stage = Harmony with Living Systems (We)
We tend to do more with less, honor and respect all different levels of human beings. Your business becomes a single living interdependent entity.

Good idea “...because the living system ultimately benefits”

In reality, not every boss strives to achieve Level 8, as some are good with Level 3 and will maintain themselves at such. Sometimes, it suits them better, and they can opt to sell off their companies when time is right. It is possible to succeed without achieving a high level. Some founders even hand over their management at Level 2 and move on to start a new company in different industries. As for Eric’s case, his CFO told him that he was in the loop of Level 4 and Level 5, whereby it would be hard for him to move up as he was with the wrong people and it costs him more time to rebuild, rather than money.
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