For decades, I have helped business owners save time, and understand the numbers behind their story. Even bustling CEOs, CFOs and Accountants on the next level breakthrough by implementing my techniques.

Profit is the Result, Cash is the Reality, Value is the Purpose


Running a business is like coaching a sports team

Every business wants to win by double the profit, triple the cash and ten fold the value. Everyone needs to know the score, mindset and skill set to win. Every winner had a Business Coach, any business needs a CFO. 

CFO Stan


10X your business value, 50% your time saving, 3X Cash in hand and 2X your profit when work together with Stan

Everything Stan has developed has three steps to transform 4C, making complexity to completeness, transform completeness to clarity and finally clarity to consciousness. 

See what it is like to work with CFO Stan


Cornerstone Corporate Training and Consulting, HRD Corp certified training program
  • More than 47 courses of HRDF claimable courses are available
  • Human Resource Development Corporation Certified and claimable
  • Zero Cost, 100% claimable
CFO and Accountant’s preferred training
Stan speaks regularly at Malaysian Institute Accountant & financial people easily learn business strategy and CFO technique to improve business numbers.
  • CFO Business Strategy Coaching & Consulting
  • Equity Funding CFO’s Perspective of Crowdfunding and Venture Capital
  • SOP Documentation for Better Internal Control & Improve Productivity
  • SMEs Transfer Pricing Documentation for Business Excluding Manufacturing and Financial Services
Author of “Next Level Boss: The Secret” and Co-author “Ocean In The Pond”

The “Next Level Boss: The Secret” book is written so everyone in business – can align in formula and numbers to grow a business within seven weeks. The Secret is to revealed the two major decisions area every company must get right: mastering people and leverage smart money

The “Ocean in the Pond” is foreword by Tan Seri Dato Seri Vincent Tan, executive chairman of BERJAYA Corporation. Stan and Paul teach you about sailing your business out of the sea from the lake and to the ocean by self coaching blueprint.

This book is designed for those who want to build a freelance bookkeeping business from scratch or scale up from one to 20 clients with a proven system. Stan has successfully put this system into practice, making this workshop a unique opportunity to learn from his experience. Get ready to take your bookkeeping business to the next level!


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