Profit is the Result, Cash is the Reality, Value is the Purpose

For decades, Stan helped business owners save time, and understand the numbers behind their story. Even bustling CEOs, CFOs and Accountants on the next level breakthrough by implementing my techniques.

Running a business 

is like coaching a sports team.

Every business wants to win by double the profit, triple the cash and ten fold the value. Everyone needs to know the score, mindset and skill set to win. Every winner had a Business Coach, any business needs a CFO. 


About CFO Stan

10X your business value, 50% your time saving, 3X Cash in hand and 2X your profit when work together with Stan 
Everything Stan has developed has three steps to transform 4C, making complexity to completeness, transform completeness to clarity and finally clarity to consciousness. 
 Co-Founder of Training Provider 
Cornerstone Corporate Training and Consulting, HRD Corp certified training program

 Malaysian Institute Accountant Speaker 
CFO and Accountant’s preferred training
 Business Book’s Author
Author of “Next Level Boss: The Secret” and Co-author “Ocean In The Pond”
 Secret of Bookkeeping Workshop
Make more money with less time

See what it is like to work with Stan

See what it is like after work with Stan

How to excellent your financial performance and scale-up statement of position by Chief Financial Operator’s masterclass 

After Stan’s talk, your team will walk away knowing how to read the numbers and saving tax money and planning for loans. Your people are able to lead, manage and multiply your money: business’s profit, cash and value. Stan’s presentations are simple & practical. In short, work on people and build money relationship.

Everyone will love numbers of profitability

You will be more cashability with less taxing

You will be more effectiveness in business
You will sell your company for more because of scalability

Your team will be on one profit target & make better decisions

Stan will show you the relationship of profit, tax and loan, and how to get actual cash in hand, not just profit on paper

Stan analysis your strength, avoid weakness and grab opportunities and create life you deserved

Stan understands how to sell your business with more cash by making it more scalability first

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Stan - HRD Corp 
certified trainer

 More than 47 course of HRDF claimable course available

 Human Resource Development Corporation Certified and claimable

 Zero Cost, 100% claimable

Go to Stan’s training at MIA event

STANLEY NG, Malaysian Institute Accountant (MIA) speaker

Stan speaks regularly at Malaysian Institute Accountant & financial people easily learn business strategy and CFO technique to improve business numbers

 CFO Business Strategy Coaching & Consulting

 Equity Funding CFO’s Perspective of Crowdfunding and Venture Capital

 SOP Documentation for Better Internal Control & Improve Productivity 

 SMEs Transfer Pricing Documentation for Business Excluding Manufacturing and Financial Services

The course developed by Stan and MIA make sure the content is adhered to Competency framework of Chief Finance Officer (CFO) in public interest companies

Further assets from Stan

Business books author

The “Next Level Boss: The Secret” book is written so everyone in business - can align in formula and numbers to grow a business within seven weeks. The Secret is to revealed the two major decisions area every company must get right: mastering people and leverage smart money

Further assets from Stan

The “Ocean in the Pond” is foreword by Tan Seri Dato Seri Vincent Tan, executive chairman of BERJAYA Corporation. Stan and Paul teach you about sailing your business out of the sea from the lake and to the ocean by self coaching blueprint.

Intellectual Property from Stan

The Secret of Bookkeeping Workshop   

The Key To Boss' Success

How To Value A Business

7 Steps to Predict Business Cash Flow


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